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Reduce Your Risk

DU-EL has been formed so that the company can get back to basics and really be the “Operators Operator”, which has been lost lately due to the high profit margins instigated by competitors.

DU-EL is willing to take some risk in the profit and will negotiate the contracts to suit the Operator. DU-EL is currently working with Santos, Advent and Audax and Petronas

Part of DU-EL’s focus is consultant placement. The team in place is keen to provide top quality personnel to ensure that the Operators goals are met and more importantly this is completed safely and under budget. All resumes are check and referees contacted to ensure that only top quality professionals are put forward to the client.

DU-EL is a world wide company with an office in Singapore as well as Perth, we can supply any discipline from Drilling to Construction. We can also conduct PEER reviews and advise