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Project Management and Engineering

DU-EL Drilling Services can provide a one stop shop solution to enable streamlined planning and implementation. With this service Du-el can assist with the following: 

  • Government approvals
  • Risk assessments
  • Conceptual and / or detailed well designs
  • Engineering, project management and / or procurement.
  • Drilling and completion of exploration and production wells; including well testing, work over's, abandonment, peer reviews and cost analysis.
  • Technical Support


To assist our management team DU-EL Drilling Services has developed an inhouse Engineering Gateway system to ensure that no items are missed and we have a full auditable system. Each stage of the Engineering Process is PEER reviewed and signed off. Our Engineers are world class and have drilled all types of wells from normal conventional vertical, ERD, HPHT, Wildcat and remote locations, land and offshore

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