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Past Clients and Tasks Performed

Past Clients Phase Country

ADX Drilling Project Managment Tunisia - offshore and Land

OBL Drilling Project Management Australia - Land

Hawkestone  FEED / PEER NWS Australia

Advent Drilling Project Managment Australia - Offshore Sydney Basin

Advent Engineering / Approvals Australia - Land

Phoenix Engineering / Approvals Australia - Land

OMV Drilling project Management Australia - Offshore

Santos Operations Team Australia Offshore

Geodynamics onshore Hot Rock



DU-EL Drilling uses a process of evaluation involving qualified individuals to PEER review programmes and projects. With Safety and reducing costs big issues in the industry today, DU-EL Drilling are also being employed to PEER review, using review methods employed to maintain safe working practices and standards, improve performance, and provide credibility. Through this DU-EL can help reduce costs and ensure that experiences are shared.

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