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About Us

Philip Duff the Managing Director (MD) of Du-el Drilling Services was formally the MD for Equinox and the General Manager of AGR which acquired Peak. Philip Duff played an integral part in bringing the Stena Clyde and the Wilcraft into Australian waters and negotiated long term Drilling project management contracts for each unit. With Phil’s worldwide experience on a variety of different drilling rigs from land to Deepwater, Phil has been required to work in many regions including Brazil, GOM, Trinidad, West Africa, Caspian, Sakhalin, North Sea, Australia and Indonesia.

DU-EL Drilling Services was formed in December 2008 by Philip Duff to provide oil and gas companies with a professional and experienced means to complete any project.

Our goal is to provide the client with the necessary support and service to ensure their project is completed in an efficient and hassle-free manner. Client satisfaction is paramount and our team tailors their services to meet the client’s needs and exceed their expectations.

DU-EL can provide assistance with:

  • Government approvals and risk assessments
  • Conceptual and / or detailed well designs
  • Engineering, project management and /or procurement
  • Drilling and completion of exploration and production wells; including well testing, work overs, abandonment, peer reviews and cost analysis.

Our team are highly trained and experienced individuals who will support and develop your project to the highest standards. The DU-EL team will effectively achieve project/well completion, and provide after action reports / lessons learnt for client review.

One portion of DU-EL’s focus is consultant placement. We can provide a wide range of engineering services such as: well site managers, geologists and drilling engineers.

Our team is keen to provide top quality personnel to ensure that the operator’s goals and requirements are met, and that the project is completed safely and below technical limit. All resumes are checked thoroughly and submitted for client approval. 

DU-EL is a world wide company with an office in Singapore as well as Perth, we can supply any discipline from Drilling to Construction.

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